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    Buenos Aires, + 50 km
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    Mariana Michi Presenta La Paz Obligada

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    Niceto Club
    Buenos Aires
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    Schedule «Mariana Michi Presenta La Paz Obligada»

    Thursday Thursday-10:00pm
    Sep, 2020
    10:00 PM
    Niceto Club  ?
    5510 Avenida Coronel Niceto Vega


    Virtual presences and a creative and technical team accompany the artist who conducts the realization of an original and exquisite concert. Mariana Michi playing and singing live with her band and invited artists gathered on the Niceto Club stage. This is how La Paz Obligada is composed." How strong the reunion; I always find it unexpected how beautiful and powerful it can be, until it is and disarms me. During the concert they will listen and see songs from Fell the Brave and advances of the new album, which, being an absolute mystery, announced by this means its inevitable and prompt arrival". (Mariana Michi) Multifaceted artist, who in addition to his solo work, we also find in powerful projects such as Miau Trio, Mugre and 8. Winner of the 2019 Young Art Biennial with her first album, she is currently working on the final process of her next album of which she is an author and composer, and produces artistically. Spotify: