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    Café con Idiomas

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    Aráoz 1201
    Pampa Cabá Ñaró
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    Schedule «Café con Idiomas»

    Saturday Saturday-4:00pm
    Sep, 2020
    4:00 PM
    Aráoz 1201  ?
    1201 Aráoz


    I come to spend an afternoon with us practicing languages with a coffeeGroups to practice English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish for foreigners. Natives will be at the table for doubt. Our meeting is to the cap and open to everyone who wants to meet people, discuss ideas, bring debates and of course improve the language. If at the end of the event you liked the idea, collaborate with us, so that we can reinvest the collaboration and carry out different activities. Search us on networks: Facebook : Coffee with Instagram languages: @cafeconidiomasbuenosaires