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    Regenerative Agriculture Workshop Series - Understanding and Working with Living Soils

    Regenerative Agriculture Workshop Series - Understanding and Working with Living Soils门票


    时间表 «Regenerative Agriculture Workshop Series - Understanding and Working with Living Soils»

    Friday Friday-5:30pm
    Nov, 2020
    5:30 PM
    TBA  ?
    Southern Interior BC
    门票来自 €425.00


    Workshop introduction This 13-week workshop series will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to adapt and transition towards regenerative practices conducive to soil life.Each week, you will cultivate a new understanding of how your land management practices impact your soil's production capacity.Throughout the series, we will support you in developing a platform to help you make better decisions on restoring and nurturing the living soil community using ecological-based principles.Workshop sessions will be held via video conference software for 1.5 - 2hrs each week for 13 weeks with breaks for the holidays.Additional value available for 3 participants We will be working with three participants during the course as examples of how to assess, diagnose and implement Regenerative Agriculture concepts and practices. These three participants will work with Jo and Javan to assess and use their site as an example during the course If you are interested in this option, please note below in the form. The participants who decide to work with Jo and Javan will be provided with the following additional value: One soil and one compost biological analysis, including report interpretation and recommendation from the landscape you are currently managing. **Regenerative land-design Analysis and Simple Consultation.** NOTE: At this point, soil and compost samples can only be accepted from within Canada.Who this workshop is forCommercial farmers (small-medium scale production);Ranchers;Park board commissioners (members of a municipality in charge of managing city parks);Municipal Employees or Consultants in charge of land management (could include park board commissioners, road works, engineers, landscape architects, technicians and others);Greenhouse operators;Cannabis producers;Backyard gardeners;Individuals with a general interest in soil ecology, regenerative agriculture, permaculture and agroecology.Workshop educators Javan Kerby Bernakevitch, Regenerative Land Designer and Educator All Points Land Design Jo Tobias, Regenerative Soils Consultant and Soil FoodWeb Advisor RootShoot SoilsWorkshop curriculum1.5 - 2hr Video Conference SessionWeek 1 - Introduction to Regenerative AgricultureWeek 2 - Making Holistic DecisionsWeek 3 - Introducing Living Soils and the Rhizosphere Discovering the Rhizosphere - an intimate relationship between roots and soil Week 4 - The Rhizosphere Microbiome; Theory & Practical - Under the MicroscopeWeek 5 - Introduction to The Keyline Plan for Full Farm/Garden Design Week 6 - Ecological Processes in the Soil - Decomposition & Nutrient CyclingWeek 7 - Practical Visual Soil AssayWeek 8 - Creating Viable Biological Amendments - CompostWeek 9 - Creating Viable Biological Amendments - Compost Tea & Compost ExtractWeek 10 - Application of Biological AmendmentsWeek 11 - Managing Soil HealthWeek 12 - Regenerative Agriculture and Living Soils Next StepsWeek 13 - Wrap-up and Closing Remarks